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Back on newgrounds

2015-04-12 18:48:03 by VenoMuk

Its been a very long time snice i have used newgrounds. I have been regularly uploading music to my a-free-mind page on soundcloud. But i will now start to upload this here as well.

I will try and upload some of my most recent stuff for you to enjoy.

Its nice to be back. keep posted :)

The Start of something new.

2011-12-08 11:30:52 by VenoMuk

Hi all, i havent posted anything since april so i best get busy. I will be uploading a few songs in the near future proberly early 2012 on this website, but for those who are fans of my music should know that i use the alias a-free-mind now and upload my music to

This is where you will find my latest and newist stuff first before i upload it too newgrounds. I have had a torrid year with my health and have been in and out of work like a yo-yo. Currently suffering with an ongoing chest condition called chronocontritis. So this has played a major part in stoping me making anything new or uploading any new stuff for a while.

Ill keep ya updated as soon as i have made something new to upload.


Im back on newgrounds.

2011-04-11 11:23:42 by VenoMuk

After many months not on newgrounds, ive decided to stick with me old tag of Venomuk on here, but my new music name is A-free-mind, but that dosent matter that much, i will be uploading my new stuff on here shortly, hope you have had a reasonable 2011 so far.


Hi all, ive returned with some new songs, but i am not uploading them to Newgrounds.

You can find my new name, and music @

Hope to see you on there :)

Its been a while.

2010-07-23 04:05:56 by VenoMuk

Hi all, after a long and busy break from making music, i will be returning soon with some new content and better polished music. Its been a tough year this year. Alot going on and things in the way, such as life haha. Hopefully I can impress you all with my new music sets. Anyways ill see ya on newgrounds soon.

Im back in the game,

2009-12-02 04:46:02 by VenoMuk

Hi all, i have managed to sort out my hardware issues and have obtianed some new samples to play with, so expect to see me uploading alot more music, very soon. Its nice to be back in the race again, and i hope all of you can appreicate my music once agian.

Im back in the game,

Hardware problems.

2009-10-30 12:17:59 by VenoMuk

Hi all, unfortunately my pc has blown up, i had a power surge threw my home which fried not only my computer but all my equipment as well. Its gonna be a while before i can work on anything new music wise.

However i may start submitting voice acting material as i am going to give that a go, i will upload some demos for you to listen too so i hope that i might be given something to do to fill in , without a computer and software to use.. I only have this laptop atm, and its rubbish hehe.

After xmas i will be funding my music properly, and i will be recording all my own samples and singing everything myself to set a new standard of music for myself and to give everyone a real taste of my talents, as mixing and editing songs is only half my skills :)

Take care folks :)

Hardware problems.

Im back!

2009-08-07 15:10:24 by VenoMuk

hey everyone, for those that have wondered where ive been, ive been busy in RL doing lots of things, but now im back with a new ethiusim for music once again and i am trying my hand at something new, im gonna be churing out some game inspered songs and sound bites that are gonna take newgrounds by storm (i hope)

Anyway theres gonna be alot more from me over the next few weeks so i hope you all enjoy my work :)

here comes the beats!

2008-07-14 08:37:43 by VenoMuk

Hi everyone, sorry ive been in-active for a while, but ive finally got my hands on a decent soundpack, and i will be busting out some new tunes over the next few weeks. Make sure you check out my latest additions, im gonna be uploading songs that i wrote lyrics for and i sing in them :), trying a new direction with my music 2, your gonna be seeing alot more variety!. Anyways peace, enjoy my music!

Im back :D

2008-06-09 04:43:13 by VenoMuk

Hey all, its been a long time since i uploaded any new music to the site, thankfully i got my music programs back up and running, expect to see some new entrys from me from now on!!, check out my latest song, Revelations :)